October 13, 2017

Recycling of trash is a very important topic for us, so we try to find ideas how we can make useful things out of trash.

So why not a comfortable seat?

Take 16 plastic bottles, tape them together, but foam around and wrap it in fabric of your choice - that's it!

Trash Bin

October 02, 2017

After beach cleaning I talked to the people to find out why they drop their trash at the beach and they said "because there is no trash bin!". So I thought about how I could create some trash bins for the people and had the idea to use plastic bottles.

After some discussion with friends and changes, we finally made our first trash bin and the people like it!

We are going to make a lot more!

Beach Cleaning Belopa

Last month (September) I invited the people of Belopa to clean the beach with us.

Over 200 people came and helped us.

We worked at the beach for one day and removed a lot of plastic there - we filled one truck just with trash.

I am really happy with the result but our work there is not done yet!

A big Thanks to all the helpers!

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