English lessons

We provide English lessons for people in the luwu region who would like to improve their English. Everyone is welcome and we have a very practical way of teaching which is very efficient.

The ELC Lontara school provides the following services:

Host family for volunteers

We are also a host family for volunteers. People who want teach english from all over the world are welcome to have a homestay with the family. We provide accomodation and food in exchange for help with English teaching.

English quarantine program

In the English quarantine program students stay in a dormitory for 10 days where they only speak english. The first days start with teaching and after that they practice their English with eachother. This is a fast and efficient way of learning English quickly.

Job opportunities

We are constantly looking for new job opportunities where the local people can use their English. For example tourguides, ticket agencies, tour drivers, and many more.

Student exchange

With the student exchange we plan to sent students who have learnt english in our school to other countries. This way they can use their English and practice abroad.

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